Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy License

As in any other energy market, renewable energy production and sale is subject to several different licenses, issued by the EPDK. Since a renewable energy facility will be directly producing electricity, the rules and procedures for such an investment is determined via the electricity legislation. Accordingly, the first license an investor needs to obtain is the pre-license, which is a pre-requisite to start operations.

This pre-license is usually issued for a total of 36 months, during which the investors are required to submit their plans for construction and investment and also to comply with other obligations set forth at the legislation. At the end of this pre-license duration, if the investor has fulfilled all obligations and satisfied all criteria, EPDK can then grant a license, which grants the right to start construction and late on production. 

The Importance of Plot & Land

One of the biggest problems with renewable energy investments is finding a suitable location to construct the facility itself. The issue with the plots and lands in Turkey is that they may be deemed as specially designated sites by a number of different state actors, laws, legislations, such as a forest / animal husbandry protection area or even a mining site, which may cause significant delays in securing the licenses. Therefore, when looking for renewable energy sites, it is extremely important to conduct a thorough due diligence on the land itself to ensure that the site is suitable for a renewable energy investment.

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