Geographical Indications Law

Geographical Indications Law: Preserving Unique Heritage through Legal Protection

The protection of Geographical Indications (GIs) and Traditional Specialties is a significant aspect of intellectual property law, especially in countries rich in unique local products and traditions. In Turkey, this protection is governed by The Turkish IP Law No: 6769, which was enacted in January 2017. This law marks a progressive step in the legal landscape, offering a more comprehensive scope of protection for GIs compared to unregistered indications. It recognizes the crucial role GIs play in protecting the reputation of regional products, contributing to rural and agricultural development, and preserving cultural heritage.

Registration and Protection of GIs

ASY LEGAL’s IP team is adept in navigating the intricate process of GI registration in Turkey. We assist clients in securing legal recognition and protection for their geographical indications, ensuring that the unique characteristics and qualities attributed to their specific region are legally safeguarded. This process includes:

  • Identifying and Defining GIs: We help clients identify potential GIs and define the qualities that make their products unique to a specific geographical area.
  • Preparing and Filing Applications: Our team prepares comprehensive applications for GI registration, encompassing all necessary documentation and evidence to support the uniqueness and reputation of the product.
  • Addressing Legal Challenges: We guide clients through any challenges or objections that may arise during the registration process, providing expert legal representation and advice.

Dealing with GI-Related Issues

Beyond registration, we handle a range of issues related to geographical indications, including:

  • Enforcement and Litigation: We protect clients’ rights against unauthorized use or infringement of their registered GIs, taking legal action when necessary to enforce these rights.
  • Advisory Services: Our team offers ongoing advice on the use and promotion of GIs, helping clients maximize the commercial and cultural value of their geographical indications.
  • International GI Protection: Considering the global nature of product markets, we also advise on strategies for protecting GIs in international jurisdictions, navigating through various international agreements and regulations.
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