Corporate Law / Corporate Maintenance

Corporate Law and Incorporation in Turkey 

Corporate Law is one of our flagship practice in ASY LEGAL, as we have a dedicated team handling all matters in corporate law, from company formations, mergers, acquisitions and takeovers, to company management and maintenance. There are relatively few capital restrictions imposed upon businesses in Turkey, and although the formation procedures can be quite complex, foreigners are allowed to freely invest in businesses and are even allowed to have full/sole ownership of a capital company.

Since it is fairly easy for foreigners to invest in Turkey, choosing the right type of company is extremely important in establishing a company in Turkey, as different types of companies have different rights and liabilities bestowed upon the shareholders and are subject to different formation procedures. For further details, please refer to our article regarding company incorporation procedures here (also available on Mondaq).

Our dynamic and insightful team is known for delivering innovative and practical legal advice to our wide range of clients from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies on their transactions and on a retainer basis in all matters concerning corporate law. We value our clients’ business goals and help them archive their corporate goals.

Our Services Regarding Corporate and Company Law

We have a wide range of services to cover all of our corporate clients’ needs . We can offer tailored services to our clients subject to their specific needs and can recommend the best course of actions to take in specific circumstances, especially during the incorporation stage. As most investors are aware, incorporation is one of the most important stages in establishing a new company as a problematic and lengthy incorporation stage may increase the investment and time costs drastically.

Accordingly, as ASY LEGAL, we ensure that our clients receive the best legal service possible for all matters in corporate law, including incorporation, and ensure that our clients are provided with the best options available to them to minimize time and investment costs. Please refer to our dedicated corporate practice section for more details regarding our services.

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