Corporate Governance & Maintenance

For new investors, incorporation and finalization of company registration is only half the work, as one of the most important issues with start-ups and new investments is the company maintenance during the initial year of incorporation.

This can be a challenge as it requires new foreign investors to navigate the complex legislative field of commercial and company laws, as well as handle tax submissions and social security registrations of new employees.

ASY LEGAL’s team is highly experienced in providing a steady corporate maintenance service to companies and corporations. Such services may include the drafting and registration of yearly general assemblies, keeping track of the companies board member appointments and renewing such appointments when expired, assigning new signature powers (may also be limited powers) to certain board members or third parties and to make the required applications to relevant governmental institutions where necessary.

As ASY LEGAL, we also provide secondary services via our trusted partners to ensure that the companies’ tax and social security submissions are handled diligently.

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